Community Supported Art (CSA PGH) is a program that builds lasting relationships with artists and cultural consumers. Not unlike the boxes of fruit and vegetables that one might get from a local farm as an agricultural CSA, the CSA PGH creates “shares” of art to feed the public’s cultural appetite.

Artists are commissioned to produce one edition-able work in a quantity of 50. Examples of creations might include photographs, small paintings or cast sculpture. These artworks are packaged, collated, and packaged into individual shares. Each share includes one work from each of the artists, and 50 identical shares will be made available to the public for a reasonable price.

This simple program benefits the city of Pittsburgh and the local arts community. Artists receive support for the creation of new work, as well as exposure and distribution. CSA members receive multiple works from local artists. This aids in expanding or beginning a new art collection, thus becoming an integral part of the growing Pittsburgh Arts Community. All of this promotes the idea that Pittsburgh is a city that supports and sustains its artists.

In 2013 CSA PGH began with 50 shares showcasing 6 local artists. All the shares sold out quickly and we were thrilled to receive local and national press. ( For the 2014 season, we are expanding our artists and size of offered shares. Check out our archive of last years artists and this years new format. Please sign up for the mailing list for updates on events and sales.


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